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Software Services  

Domains: telecom/computer networking software, network management, SNMP, TCP/IP protocols, RADIUS, Linux kernel internals. Billing and customer-care workflow software.

Technologies: Java, VC++.Net, VC++, Jsp, C/C++, Visual Basic, Perl, CGI Perl, GUI design, MySQL/PostgreSql/Oracle r-DBMS, system performance evaluation and testing, Web-site design using PHP, Ajax, and Javascript.As a partner of the TeNeT Group of IIT-Madras (www.tenet.res.in), Nilgiri Networks has ready access to a vast pool of technical expertise as needed.

List of Customers

  • Benchmark Microsystems, Chennai – software for LAN-Trainer kit

  • Novatium Solutions, Chennai – design and implementation of the Maxima utility computing management package

  • NMSWorks Software, Chennai – design and implementation of parts of the CygNet NMS platform

    design and implementation of proxy agent for HF Radio equipment

QA and Testing Services

We provide independent software QA and testing services to help optimize software application quality, performance, and availability while managing the costs and risks for our clients. We specialise in QA and testing of telecom software and systems. 

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