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The Student information System is intended to store information about students and teachers of an institution. With this system the progress of a student can be judged by the students teachers and also the parents.

The objectives and goals are:

  • To calculate the student marks and asses his progress.
  • To let the parents and staff view their childes/students progress.
  • To allow users to view timetable.
  • To allow users to view events.
  • To allow users to access blogs.
  • Parents can view the fees structure


  • Attendance
  • Report Card System
  • Parent/Student Viewing Marks,Timetable, Events
  • Facility to print various reports
  • Everything available at your finger tips and just a few clicks
  • Facility to Add/Modify/Delete users
  • Total GUI based
  • Password protected security system

Key Features

  • Real-time Events
  • Easy-to-use GUI for Users
  • Handling examinations, assessments, marks and grades and academic progression
  • Flexible Use of Records
  • Maintaining records of absences and attendance
  • Report Online and Print
  • Multi Level Users
  • Server: on Linux, uses MySQL R-DBMS
  • Client: Web based GUI

Click Here for Demo and Login with:

User Name: admin

Password  : admin123

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