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BlueBill TeaM

BlueBill Tea Estate Management System (OfBiz- open source)

The BlueBill Tea Estate Management System is designed to computerize the complete operation and management of a Tea estate. The systems handle all activities such as production, maintenance of estates, inventory, and accounting of sales, purchase and payroll of various division staff. It reports analysis based upon the yield, production and MIS (management information system) for decision making by the top management. It has secure user friendly interface. It incorporates the current computer technologies which will serve the needs of the tea estate for at least 10 years.

One point Web based Interface to manage all estate activities

  • Head Office
  • Group office
  • Division
  • Factory
  • Hospital  
  • Dairy Farm
  • Floriculture
  • Eucalyptus 
  • Asset Management  

Division module

  • Accounting of leaf plucking, sundry works done, incentives to workers based upon plucking and pay roll generation for workers.
  • Deduction/allowance for all workers and supervisors
  • Daily activities included daily work logs, daily entry details and transfer of plucking kgs through Easy Weigh System.

Factory module

  • Accounting of green leaf yield of various fields in estates
  • Production of tea
  • Sales of tea through export, auction and private sale
  • Packet tea accounting and sales
  • Invoice/Gate pass printing.


Financial Accounting module

  • Income/Expenses
  • Preparation of balance sheet and profit and loss account
  • Voucher details
  • General financial activities.

Inventory module

  • Maintenance of stock of complete estate
  • Supplier details
  • Stock transfer/issue and stock adjustments.

Staff module

  • Staff payroll generation
  • Salary transaction details
  • Salary contract
  • Employee salaries and deductions


  • Pharmacy includes medicine details, purchase medicine, receipt details and suppliers details
  • Patient details
  • In-patient admission
  • Out-patient admission
  • In-patient bills/print
  • Out-patient bills/print

General Features

  • Single server for small estate or multiple networked servers for large estate
  • Real time operation with up-to-date information at the touch of a button.
  • Data backup and achieving.
  • Password based security.
  • Role band privileges.
  • Audit trial of all transaction.
  • Ease of use => minimal training and fewer errors.


The complete BlueBill system has been designed and developed by Nilgiri Networks with ease of customization in mind. The following are some of the custom features:

  • Company logo, address, colour scheme.
  • Layout of data entry forms and reports
  • Wage slabs, tax slabs, allowance, incentives, etc.
  • New modules can be developed based on requirement


Hotel Management System

Hotel Management System (OfBiz- open source)

Hotel requires software to manage their hotel activities like Stores Management, Recipe Management, KOT and billing and front office management. The proposed Module Hotel Management system which has four modules which are Stores Management, Recipe Management, KOT and billing Management and front office management. Customization if any required based upon the feedback will be undertaken on finalization of the product purchase. The features are listed below.

Front Office Management:

  • Accounting of room occupant
  • Hotel Room Availability
  • Hotel Check-In & Check-Out
  • Daily Reservation and Rooming List.
  • Guest Laundry Modules.
  • Guest Room Reservation Group Management/ Operations Direct Billing/ City Ledger Database.


  • Rooms Availability
  • Rooms Reservation/occupancy.
  • Night auditing reports. 

Stores Management:

  • Accounting of Purchase from various suppliers (All/Item wise)
  • Accounting of Issues to various departments( All /Item wise)
  • Maintaining of supplier details.


  • Total Purchase for the month/week/day (Supplierwise/All)
  • Total Issue for the month/week/day(Department wise/All)
  • Stock Status as on date or any previous date
  • Stock below minimum stock figure.

Recipe Management:

  • Adding of menu.
  • Food costing 

Restaurant Management:

  • Billing of Table/Room wise 
  • KOT generation of Table/Room wise.


  • Total sale of the day/month

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