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About us  


Founded in 1999 by Timothy A. Gonsalves, Professor of the TeNeT Group, Department of Computer Science, IIT-Madras and Arun Jain, Chairman and CEO of Polaris Software Lab Ltd, with the guidance of Ashok Jhunjhunwala and other faculty of the TeNeT Group IIT-Madras.

Nilgiri Networks is a part of the TeNeT group IIT-Madras. Our partners are NMSWorks Chennai, BanyanNetworks Chennai, n-Logue Chennai and Midas Communication Chennai.

Nilgiri Networks is expanding its focus towards implementing a 3 pronged strategy:

  1. 1. Focus on product sales to TeNeT group companies
  2. 2. Product sales to other customers outside TeNeT group
  3. 3. Focus on Services - Take up service oriented (out-sourced tasks)


The technical staff, presently numbering about 20, is largely drawn from the Nilgiris District, with a few coming from further afield.



Dr.Timothy A.Gonsalves Ph.D
"Simple Solution for Complex Problems"

Dr. T.A. Gonsalves is a founding member of TeNeT group and has been actively involved in guiding the incubation of many Technology companies from the TeNet Group including Midas Communications, Banyan Networks, NMSWorks and iSoftech.Dr. Timothy also holds several patents and has presented many award winning research oriented papers. He also serves as Consultant to State Bank of India and IDRBT.

Dr.Timothy is passionately active in development of products and technology in computer networks and telecommunications, especially aimed at mass markets in developing countries and also in the promotion of software development in rural areas. He translates his goals into tangible actions in his capacity as Director of Rural Technology Business Incubator (RTBI) and Nilgiri Networks.

Prof. T.A. Gonsalves received B.Tech. from IIT-Madras and a Ph.D from Stanford University, CA, in Electrical Engineering. Was HOD of Computer Science Department of IIT-Madras, currently is the Director of IIT Mandi.

What we do


Domain Expertise: Telecom Billing Software, ERP Solutions, Content Management, Webdesigning and Development, SEO.

Generic: Java, C/C++, PHP, Perl, GUI design, MySQL r-DBMS, system performance evaluation and testing, Web-page design


Web Designing:


STAFF Activities

Nilgiri Networks conduct various adventure activities for the staff in regular intervals that include trekking, picnics. Some of these outings are listed below.

Mukurthi Peak

On 11-4-2003 we had been on a trek to Mukurthi Peak. Mukurthi is one of the highetst peak in the crest of Nilgiris plateau elevated over 8380 ft above MSL.

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Ebbanad Peak

On 21-07-2006 we had been on a trek to Ebbanad. From here can have a tantalising glimpses of folds of mountains that will take your breath away.

Bikupathi Mund

On 10-10-2009 we had been on a trek to Bikupathi Mund. Beautiful place 10 km from Ebbanad.

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